The Pros and Cons of Co-Working Spaces – The Era of the Digital Nomad

Co-working spaces by Philip VanDusen

Hi everbody I am Philip VanDusen and in this video I am going to talk about why you need a coworking space!
So by 2025 US government estimates that about to 40% of the United States working population are going to be independent contractors. That means they are not gonna have a permanent corporate office to go to. They are going to be on their own. Whether they are going to work from home or the coffee shop or someplace else. Those workers are gonna have to be somewhere. So there has been this explosion of coworking spaces. Coworking companies like WeWork that rent corporate spaces and then dole them out either in group working spaces on a grouptable up to individual or portioned offices that you can rent and go there and work. So you get out of your house or out of a coffeeshop and you go to a more collaborative type of office environment.
When I started my agency a couple of years ago I started working from my home office which is where I am now. But over time that got more and more confining. And I found that when I went out into the world and took a train to New York City or got out of my office or worked in a coffeeshop or somewhere else I had this explosion of creative ideas. All sort of blog ideas, video ideas, creative ideas, design ideas came to me when I got out of my home office and got exposed to more people. More activity. More visual stimulation.